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Not possible to move a description to a label or a label to a description (at Wikidata item pages)
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Wikidata contains a tool which impedes to save an edit if the "label" is identical with the "description" in any language (and not empty). This feature was implemented on the request T212869.

However, this tool compares the newly entered data with the existing data, not with the resulting state. So if the new label is identical with the old description, the system incorrectly displays a message: "Could not save due to an error. Label and description for language code en can not have the same value." and blocks the save. In addition, the system probably detects the original state from some delayed cache, so that such a blocking occurs even if both steps are performed sequentially immediately after each other.

There are several types of situations where the label after editing is equal to the description before editing or the description after editing is equal to the label before editing:

  1. The original label is too general, vague or inaccurate, while the original description is an optimally concise specification appropriate to become a label (and the description can remain empty)
  2. The original label and description are very similar (almost identical in content), but the original description is a bit more appropriate to be a label (and the description can remain empty)
  3. The original label is too descriptive and explanatory and should be used rather as a description, while the new label should be shorter

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