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Edit count number in the line below ''From Wikipedia...'' appears dead
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Please provide any further details here

XTools version: 3.10.16-dc1ff354

The edit counting number on the line/bar on english wikipedia appears to be ''dead''

counts in other locations seem to be working, but the count in english wikipedia main space not

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JJMC89 added a subscriber: JarrahTree.

@JarrahTree could you provide a link? What do you mean by "dead"?

Ok at my user page: - the item I put this query in for revisions since 2005-06-16 (+16 days, 50 editors,
219 watchers, 470 pageviews
(30 days), created by: JarrahTree (259,359 · See full page
also in the list editors by count that number exists -
126 JarrahTree 259,359 AP, ECo, N, Rv, Ro

however at the central authority page - 10:13, 29
May 2008 [image: home wiki](?) —
extendedconfirmed, patroller, reviewer, rollbacker
the count at the user page is about a week or more older

I understand there might be lags and discrepancies - but the top example
has stayed the same for some time now

I see, this is due to the database replication lag caused by upstream maintenance. Many tools are going to have the same problem until the maintenance is complete, which hopefully will soon. More at (permalink).