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Questionnaire for community feedback on taxonomy of knowledge gaps
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During Q1 we will communicate the taxonomy of knowledge gaps to different communities and affiliates.
One of the main motivations is to get feedback to improve the taxonomy in a further iteration.
For this we want to develop a questionnaire to provide context and guide the discussion.

  • develop a set of questions
  • develop a format (google-forms, meta-talk page)
  • ...

Event Timeline

Update week 2020-07-27:

@MGerlach thanks for the update. Something that we didn't discuss and it's good to do before finalizing the questionnaire is to put the questions in front of a set of test responders and ask them to give us feedback on the questions. Let's include this cycle. I have a few internal/external candidates in mind. (We will need to give folks a week for getting back to us.) What do you think?

Update 2020-08-03:

  • drafted first set of questions + framing around it questoinnaire-doc
  • need to decide on format (e.g. google-forms, meta, other)

Update week 2020-08-10:

  • did one iteration on questionnaire doc based on feedback from leila, isaac, miriam
  • decided on format (meta-page and google-forms)

Update week 2020-08-17:

  • iterated on the questions to narrow focus
  • created first draft for the google-forms

Update week 2020-08-24:

  • finalized questionnaire and sent out googleforms to testers
  • related: helped finalize taxonomy-paper to upload on arxiv and share with the questionnaire

Update week 2020-09-01:

  • collected feedback
  • revised questions
  • created a googleform and added questions to meta-talk page

@MGerlach here is my update based on the work we started doing together today:

  • I sent the email to folks who gave us feedback for improving the questionnaire and gave them the update about what changes went to effect. You're cc-ed on that.
  • Re preparing a 1-pager: I debated about putting an FAQ like page on meta or not. I'm landed with: let's not put it on meta. The readability of content on meta is hard for me and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. :) I put the draft in overleaf. It's not done. Feel free to work on it on Monday, or I pick it up on Tuesday. (I passed the early parts of it through the
  • I updated the meta page with the updated framing that came from the intro part of the survey. This is done for the most part except that it needs a couple of link fixes or anything else you want to fix. I passed it through the Hemingway App, too. (@Isaac fyi)

What I still have in my todo:

  • preparing the staff email
  • finalizing the 1-pager.

@leila I did a pass on the 1-pager on overleaf, specifically:

  • added and re-ordered some of the high-level questions; also added some comments on questions I would not add
  • formatted the tables for the indivivual dimensions such that each dimension is a one separate page starting with short introduction and then the table

Feel free to move things or edit/revert.

@MGerlach I'm going to resolve this task given the questionnaire itself is ready. I'll make the marginal improvements in the doc and we can post today/tomorrow.