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Identify components needed for Vue version of Special:GlobalWatchlist
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The components fall into roughly two categories:

Generic reusable elements that should have a appearance standard with other such objects (ref T249840)
Elements that are unique to this project and should be part of the extension

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  • Used for
    • Live updates
    • Group results by page
  • Needs to include:
    • Enabled / disabled state
    • Ability to start in a state (live updates always starts false, group results can start true)
    • Optional icon based on state (should icon live in a separate component?)
    • Text for display
    • Emit notice on change
  • Category: Generic elements


  • Used for
    • Refresh
    • Potentially extended by Toggle
    • Mark all sites as seen
  • Needs to include
    • Optional icon
    • Text for display
    • Emit notice on click
  • Category: Generic elements

Will need an overall component for the Special:GlobalWatchlist page content

Site display

  • Used for
    • Rendering a specific site
  • Needs to include
    • Mark as seen button
    • Entry for each page
  • Category: project-specific


  • Used for
    • Actually rendering watchlist changes
  • Needs to include
    • Everything currently handled in site.js makePageLink
    • Conditional display of watch/unwatch text based on input
    • Conditional display of globalWatchlist-strike class
    • Emit an event when toggling watch/unwatch (actual handling is done in site)
  • Category: project-specific


  • Used for
    • As of
    • Sites with changes
    • Sites without changes
  • Needs to include
    • Text to display
    • (optional) horizontal alignment of display
  • Category: generic

Sites without changes wrapper

  • Used for
    • Sites without changes
  • Needs to include
    • Label
    • List with entry for each site without changes
  • Category: project-specific

Okay, preliminary layout:

[toggle (live changes)] [toggle (group results by page)] [button (refresh)] [link (Special:GlobalWatchlist)[1]] [button (mark all sites as seen)]

[label (as of)]

[label (sites with changes)]

[label (sites without changes)]
[list of sites without changes]

[1] Do we need a dedicated link element so it looks like the buttons, like currently?

Would probably also be useful to have a wrapper for making things collapsible, like

Tentatively going to cal this resolved.

Generic components:

  • Toggle
  • Button
  • Indeterminate progress bar
  • Collapsible wrapper
  • Label

Project specific:

  • Overall Special:GlobalWatchlist page
  • Site display
  • Entry for each row
  • Sites without changes