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Feature Request: Long press menu options
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From user feedback email:

From email:
Internal links can be:
+ opened
+ opened in a new tab
+ added to a reading list
+ shared to other applications
+ copied to clipboard

External links could have the following options:

+ open
+ share
+ copy

Another issue is that one cannot see the link before opening.

For that, I came up with two possible solutions:

+ confirmation dialog {"dialogue":{"info":{"Do you want to open","<link>","in your webbrowser?"};"actions":{"cancel","open"}}} -> see screenshot
+ "show" option

I suggest the additional menu option for the following reasons:

+ [-] a confirmation dialog can only be shown for external links without being interfering to the user
+ there aren't really "dangerous" links on the Wikipedia

For internal links I would place the entry after the third option:

+ open
+ open in a new tab
+ add to reading list
+ show link
+ share link
+ copy link address

…and the following for external ones:

+ open in browser
+ show link
+ share link
+ copy link address

"Open in browser" would look better after "share link" - but it's the default action and therefore needs to be at the top. Also we need to tell the user that this will send the link to the web browsing application.

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