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Unnecessary quotes in ref names in <references>...<references> sectiion
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I use the source editor, and often put references between <references>...</references> to keep he source uncluttered.

It seems that the visual editor will insert unnecessary quotes around the names of ALL such references, whenever it is used to edit the article. See for example [ This change] (search for <references>)

As that example shows, that insertion of unnecessary quotes confuses the "diff" algorithm and creates huge and confusing change logs. Could you please fix the visual editor so that it preserves any entries between <references> and </references> unchanged?

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A simple way to reproduce this is by editing the contents of the "a" ref,

<ref name="a" />

<ref name=b>test</ref>
<ref name="a">haha</ref>

The granularity of diff'ing will say that references tag was modified and then the whole thing will be normalized. This is another case for T214651

The inclusion of the "unnecessary" quotation marks in ref names is correct. The fact that the system doesn't visibly break when they're absent does not mean that it's correct for them to be absent.

It sounds like what we really need in this instance is a smarter diff tool.