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Edit a sentence: Use transitions to provide continuity when entering and leaving the editor
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Users transitioning between the "Pick a sentence" (T251551) and the "Edit a sentence" (T251928) steps of the Section Translation mobile editor will benefit from transitions that keep continuity of information elements.

Edit a sentence - Transitions.png (768×1 px, 163 KB)

The transitions are aimed to provide continuity to the elements to help users reorient. When editing the proposed translation, the card where it was displayed moves up and becomes the editor surface which contains the same content. In this way the transition helps the user to know that they are editing the piece of content that was displayed before. Similarly, the background fades into grey to communicate that the original text remains behind the panel.

These transitions are illustrated below:

Enter & Back

edit-proposal.gif (626×334 px, 3 MB)

Enter, Edit & Update

save-edit.gif (626×334 px, 3 MB)

More details in the parent task: T251928: Section Translation Editor: Edit a sentence

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