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Develop a concept for monthly skill-sharing workshops for international, regional and local wiki communities
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For Small Wiki Toolkits initiative

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Notes from a meeting with Indic organizers to brainstorm the next steps for this:

Based on my reflections from the meeting, here is what might be possible:

  • Monthly workshops to continue with Indic organizers:
    • Indic-TechCom takes the lead in organizing the monthly workshops.
    • TE could provide communication support and help recruit mentors for specific topics.
    • TE members could conduct technical workshops.
    • A continued version of the series to be opened up for the South Asian region:
  • Run a call to recruit communities interested in taking the first step in building the technical capacity (like the work with Indic organizers).

Shared by @KCVelaga, as a follow-up to previous meeting, a detailed plan for monthly technical skill-sharing workshops for wiki communities in South Asia (for 8 countries):

Also, as a next step, Dev Advocacy plans to identify a few emerging technical communities using this ongoing research:, reach out to a few, and co-design a technical capacity program that best suits their needs.

Consider reaching to/Investigate communities that Indic-TechCom recommended:

Summarizing what we have so far as a concept for monthly workshops:


  • Indic-TechCom, in collaboration with Developer Advocacy, plans to continue organizing the technical workshops monthly; opens it up to the communities in the South Asian region.
  • Underserved wikis identified as per this research, will further be explored to investigate a possibility to collaborate with them. Task about identifying the exact communities using the research is coming soon.


  • Workshops on topics (e.g., counter vandalism tools, generating infoboxes) emerged as skill gaps in the Indic workshops series will continue until the end of this year. Post that, workshops on new topics will continue. The concept is detailed here in this doc.
  • For new communities, workshops will adhere to the same style as the Indic workshop series, detailed in this report.
  • Some criteria for engaging with a wiki/community:
    • Ready to receive help. Not getting started, and their current focus is not only growing content.
    • Small or an underserved wiki or shows some sign of lacking technical contributors.
    • At least 15-20 contributors from the community are interested in attending the workshops and willing to learn new skills.
    • Bigger or involves many smaller language wikis, so many people can participate and benefit through these workshops. Examples where both a local or regional community (one that involves many countries) is in focus:
      • Indic community: Local as it is specific to a country (India) but consists of 25+ language wikis
      • ESEAP Hub: Regional as it supports many countries in the east, southeast Asia and the pacific.
    • Takes the lead in organizing the workshops series, with support from the Developer Advocacy team.
    • People widely speak the language of the wiki in the community.
    • At present is not in a state of political conflict.


  • For the Indic community, workshops will be continuous (1 per month) starting now and until the end of this fiscal year, i.e., June 2021.
  • Workshops for new communities (after they are finalized in the next quarter) will kick-off at the beginning of next year.
  • Workshops to also be organized for the global community via international events such as Wikimania, Wikimedia Hackathon, etc.


  • All workshops will happen remotely in the ongoing fiscal year.


There is nothing more left in this task as of now.