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[Bug] SonarQube bot is not working for push-notifications service
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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Submit a patch
  2. See that scan is working fine for revision-patchset in

Expected Results

  • After the scan is complete the SonarQube bot should comment in the gerrit patch

Actual Results

  • SonarQube does not comment in the gerrit patch

Additional notes

  • @kostajh identified that the bot is getting 400 status when attempting to post the comment [1]
[2020-07-22T07:48:14.710609+00:00] app.ERROR: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request returned for "". [] []


Event Timeline

MSantos triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 5 2020, 12:07 PM

@thcipriani @hashar is it possible that there is some more detail in the Gerrit logs that would explain what is wrong with the POST request?

I don't see anything in the gerrit error log for the date in question afaict; which makes sense for 400-level error to me.

More recent patchsets seem to have comment from sonarqubebot:

Did this already get resolved?

kostajh claimed this task.

Hmm, I didn't change anything in the Sonarqubebot code. There are a fair number of "400 Bad Request" errors in the logs for various repositories (161, although there are some duplicates there due to additional logging I added). I guess we can close this and reopen if the problem becomes reproducible again.

There are a few errors 400 in the Apache access log around 2020-07-22T07:48:14, though nothing matching that specific URL. So yeah that is a mystery :-\