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Product Manager reads registered OAuth Client ID metrics
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"As a Product Manager, I want to see how many OAuth Client IDs are registered, to determine if our efforts to increase content re-use has worked."

This is a user story for getting metrics about how our efforts with the API gateway have worked.

I need to have information on how many client IDs were registered per day. This can be in a text file (like a CSV file or query output), spreadsheet, or Web UI. I will need to refer to it weekly, at least to start off.

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Ok, so we have page which lists the consumers, but it doesn't allow filtering/splitting by time period. We can probably add parameters like 'Registered After' and 'Registered before' which you would be able to use to set the date range. Personally, I don't think this would be generally useful and don't like this solution.

Alternatively, there we now have the /oauth2/client rest endpoint which is also capable of fetching consumers. That one has additional filter on OAuth version which makes it better, cause I believe you'd only be interested in OAuth2 consumers. I could write a little script for you in your language of choice that you could run locally to fetch consumers and tabulate the data. We could add {start} and {end} parameters to the consumer list endpoint, but it's possible to work without it in this case - results are ordered by consumer_id, which is an auto increment, thus they would be ordered in relatively chronological order.

Would a local script be sufficient? I can write it in node so that in future we could deploy it on toollabs to make a simple web page that would query the data for you.