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Reply links not appearing after some comments at
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At, it's been reported [i] that [ reply ] links are not being appended to comments that include the {{unsigned}} [ii] template.


  1. Visit:


  1. ❗️Notice a [ reply ] link is NOT being appended to this comment [iii]


  1. ✅Notice a [ reply ] link is being appended to this comment [iii]

Open questions

  • 1. Is the above another case [iv] where changes will need to be made to the's {{unsigned}} template for reply links to appear on comments that use it?


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  • We have decided on an approach to resolving this issue

iii. 역이나 학교 같은 문서를 보면 템플릿 같은게 있어보이는데 어떻게 찾나요? -- 이 의견을 2020년 8월 2일 (일) 23:35‎ (KST)에 작성한 사용자는 Jeong1234 (토론)이나, 서명을 남기지 않아 다른 사용자가 추가하였습니다. 의견을 남기실 때에는 항상 의견 끝에 띄어쓰기를 하고 --~~~~를 입력해 주세요. 저장할 때 자동으로 서명이 됩니다.
iv. T250516#6170724

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: revi. · View Herald TranscriptAug 5 2020, 6:21 PM

That comment could not be detected because the output of the {{unsigned}} template has the timestamp (2020년 8월 2일 (일) 23:35‎ (KST)) before the username (Jeong1234), while the normal order in signatures is the opposite – username before the timestamp.

My preferred solution would be to change the text in the template to swap the order. (That won't fix the existing pages where it was substituted, only any new uses.)

But if that would sound too weird in Korean, or if it can't be changed for some other reason, then we could also try changing DiscussionTools' parser to recognize the signature when the username and timestamp are in the opposite order. I haven't really looked into how difficult this would be, but it should be possible.

Great; it looks we're now waiting on the outcome of this conversation:

Yes, the "unsigned" template was changed by the editor 밝은소년 on ko.wp (the same person who reported the problem), and they commented about it at위키백과:사랑방_(기술)/2020년_7월#Reply_tool_as_a_Beta_Feature:

(By the way, I finished changing {{Unsigned}} like rev 27239207/27303256 as the conversation. It works very well like this!)

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