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(Need By: Q2) eqiad: Upgrades of Management Switches
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This task will track the racking and setup of new management switches received from T249048.

Row A

  • - msw-a1-eqiad
  • - msw-a2-eqiad
  • - msw-a3-eqiad
  • - msw-a4-eqiad
  • - msw-a5-eqiad
  • - msw-a6-eqiad
  • - msw-a7-eqiad
  • - msw-a8-eqiad

Row B

  • - msw-b1-eqiad
  • - msw-b2-eqiad
  • - msw-b3-eqiad
  • - msw-b4-eqiad
  • - msw-b5-eqiad
  • - msw-b6-eqiad
  • - msw-b7-eqiad
  • - msw-b8-eqiad

Row C

  • - msw-c1-eqiad
  • - msw-c2-eqiad
  • - msw-c3-eqiad
  • - msw-c4-eqiad
  • - msw-c5-eqiad
  • - msw-c6-eqiad
  • - msw-c7-eqiad
  • - msw-c8-eqiad

Row D

  • - msw-d1-eqiad
  • - msw-d2-eqiad
  • - msw-d3-eqiad
  • - msw-d4-eqiad
  • - msw-d5-eqiad
  • - msw-d6-eqiad
  • - msw-d7-eqiad
  • - msw-d8-eqiad

Event Timeline

wiki_willy added a parent task: Unknown Object (Task).
wiki_willy renamed this task from (Need By: DC Failover) eqiad: Upgrades of Management Switches to (Need By: Q2) eqiad: Upgrades of Management Switches.Aug 5 2020, 10:00 PM

Added asset tags to all of the switches

installed ears on all switches. uploaded to netbox rows c,d printed and labeled switches

Rack c6 was recently replaced with new switch T251616

racked all switches in row C not cabled or powered yet

racked all switches in row D not cabled or powered yet

Entries updated on the Accounting Spreadsheet to eliminate related Netbox errors

All of the mgmt switches in row A have been replaced, netbox has been updated, the interface connection to msw1-a-eqiad has been updated in netbox. The old management switches have been labeled msw-ax-eqiad-old and are set to decommission until they are removed from the rack.

all of row B has been updated, netbox updated, only item remaining is the removal of the old mgmt switches.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-11-23T16:13:28Z] <cmjohnson1> updating mgmt switches in row C, racks C2-C8 eqiad T259758

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-11-23T17:31:48Z] <cmjohnson1> upgrading msw's in row D eqiad T259758

All of the mgmt cables have been moved to the new switches, netbox updates are still needed.

Replaced all the mgmt switches, updated netbox and ran homer. Closing this task and creating a decommissioning task to remove the old mgmt switches.

Cmjohnson updated the task description. (Show Details)