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Implement new "Explore Wikipedia" widget for iOS 14
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This would replace the "continue reading" widget.

see parent ticket for mocks

Updated design:

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Sorry accidentally moved this task, please disregard.

Preliminary work (mostly design implementation) for this widget is currently up in the widgets/explore branch of the repo.

The work that remains to complete this widget is:

  • Transiting the continue reading article data (title, summary, image) from the app itself to the app group for the widget to use. The model of this pattern has already been implemented as part of the Featured article widget implementation. This particular widget doesn't necessarily need its own network fetch abilities and can be updated exclusively from the main app itself.
  • Adding new URL schemes (as needed) to support the desired button actions present in the widget design
  • Determine what to display if there's no "Continue reading" article data available (currently, the buttons just expand to take up the entire view in that case)