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Unsubscribe footer copy error in ES + email question
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The donor in cid=20825357 used as their "dont email me" email address when they donated back in 2017. Leighanna Mixter reported receiving India-campaign related emails at the privacy@ inbox recently, and when she went to unsubscribe this donor, she reported that:

  1. the unsubscribe page is in Spanish, and
  2. there's a copy edit error in the first line of the body:

ESunsub.jpg (293×1 px, 63 KB)

  1. seems like a straightforward translation copy fix, so if someone with access to that (@CDenes_WMF ?) could update that it would be great.

but for 1) I am left wondering:

a. why cid=20825357, whose country is MX and language is es_MX, would have gotten an email related to India? Leighanna fwd-ed me the original and the currency symbol is ₹. I do not see a campaign tag.

b. is it an RML email2? The SL says: Our final email this year and it's got a Jimmy picture

I am so curious, where did this email come from? I see nothing listed in Mailing Events in Civi either.

Also, I have redacted the donor's address in Civi.

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Hi Michael! I unfortunately do not have access to unsubscribe pages. Perhaps @Pcoombe could point you in the right direction?

Huh, I actually don't know where that unsubscribe page is translated. @CCogdill_WMF ?

Quick note: I provide the translations in the MTT, I'm just not sure who does the coding!

@MNoorWMF can help or delegate this to trilogy. Thanks!

Also, re: question A -- this actually helps point out a funny inconsistency in our unsubscribe rules. Because Legal has tested our forms more than once, the contact record has inconsistent data:

  • country = MX
  • RML_country = IN

So our unsubscribe had two countries to choose from, and picked our primary country field over the RML field. This is a bigtime edgecase and I'm not concerned about it happening to donors. We just need to update our LATAM unsubscribe page to remove this typo.

@CDenes_WMF -- you don't happen to have a LATAM translation, do you?

a bigtime edgecase and I'm not concerned about it happening to donors

Thanks for confirming that, @CCogdill_WMF ! :)

I do not. We haven't run LATAM since I've been at the org. I took a look in the countries and translations google drive and found translations for LATAM for fiscal years 1819, 1718, and 1516. Unfortunately none of the translation docs have unsubscribe page content included.