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Timestamps connected with usernames are wrongly understood to be discussion posts
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I noticed that displays the reply link next to Kacir 5. 8. 2020, 05:35 (CEST). This is a singature-like timestamp, but it only serves to indicate the AfD was created by User:Kacir at the specified date.

I'm sure the cswiki community won't object to adding some content that would tell DiscussionTools this is, no matter how it looks like, actually not a discussion post, as the AfD is created automatically.

Is there any way how to specify that? If not, perhaps the DiscussionTools framework should not consider posts that are "empty" (ie. there is nothing else but the signature)?

Thanks, Martin

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Right now there is no way to avoid this, but it's something we might want to add. We discussed the idea before, there are some other use cases too (e.g. quoting someone else's comment, or closed discussions).

(It should be easy to add, as we already have a mechanism to ignore fragments of the document when detecting comments, which we needed because the "Contents" heading in the table of contents was being treated like a section heading.

JTannerWMF subscribed.

@ppelberg will comment on this to express why we are working on this later in the FY.

matmarex claimed this task.

Although we haven't found a way to automatically prevent this from happening, there is now a way to define fragments of pages where reply links are not shown, using <div class="mw-notalk">…</div>, which was implemented in T295553 and documented here: