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When importing file from X to Y and deleting X, the deletion log summary on X is drawn from Y's wiki instead of from X
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Steps to reproduce:

Expected result: The log summary displayed on project X matches that of project X

Actual result: The log summary displayed on project X matches that of project Y

The log summary thus is drawn from the target wiki of the import even though it displays on the source wiki of the import and might not satisfy the policies there. Discussion about this is here

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Uh, I'm not sure if "hacking" these messages to say different things per wiki is something we can officially support. That's not really how the MediaWiki-Internationalization system is meant to be used. The deletion is done while the user is interacting with the import special page on Commons. That's where the FileImporter extension is running, where the import happens, and where all messages used by FileImporter are coming from.

It's a very strange artifact from the MediaWiki message cache system (MediaWiki-Cache) that you can see the fileimporter messages on wikis other than Commons. The extension doesn't exist on en.wikipedia, and the messages shouldn't either. They do because that gives some advantages when maintaining a cache for a high-traffic site like Wikipedia, but we can't rely on that.

Despite all that, it's not impossible to add support for this. But it would be more like an odd hack (Technical-Debt) in the FileImporter codebase.

Huh - I always thought that the reason why we have MediaWiki messages is specifically so that we can say different things per wiki. Especially since while the extension is on Commons, it carries out actions on enwiki (the deletion) as well.

My expectation would also be that messages are configurable on a wiki where they are actually used. Closest example to this functionality that I can think of is sitelink change done on Wikidata in the name of user who moved/deleted local page. Wikidata edit summaries related to these actions are configurable on Wikidata. In FileImporter's case perhaps you could make this functionality intervene with FileExporter that is available on local wikis, and ship messages for these two edit summaries with the latter extension instead?