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Preview and publish: Support additional options for publishing destination conflicts
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As part of the "Preview and publish" step (T252542) of the mobile editor for Section Translation, users can publish their translation contents after previewing them.

For the specific case where there may be publishing conflicts, we want to expand the basic publishing options (T260130) with some additional ones for the user to deal with the conflict.

Publish - Conflicts.png (768×1 px, 184 KB)

Two additional options are provided: "Add contents to existing section" and "Replace existing section". The complete list of options provided when there is a publishing conflict will be:

Publish as a new section
Add a new section to the article.

Add contents to existing section
Expand the existing section preserving their contents.

Replace existing section
Delete the existing section, adding your translation instead.

Publish to your Sandbox
Publish in your personal space for you to review and copy them elsewhere.

More details in the parent task: T252542: Section Translation Editor: Preview and publish