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Test the new conda-based Jupyter system
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@Ottomata is working on developing a configuration of Anaconda (currently command line only, not in notebooks) for use on the analytics clients.

He would like someone from our team to give some early feedback.

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I'm still making some changes, and also trying to integrate with JupyterHub. The main concepts are the same, but some of the commands in will change.

OK, I made some changes today and updated the docs. Will be testing out some experimental Jupyter integration tomorrow.

FYI, we're doing goals planning and have as a stretch goal to finalize the Newpyter project next quarter. This would mean removing the current SWAP setup. More details to come hopefully early Jan. :)

We can probably close this task and focus just on Jupyter and Anaconda together.

nshahquinn-wmf added a subscriber: SNowick_WMF.

@SNowick_WMF I actually started working on this last week (because I thought we had to start migrating now) so I'm going to grab this task. Let me know if there are any issues with that! 😊

nshahquinn-wmf renamed this task from Test the development version of Anaconda to Test the new conda-based Jupyter system.Mar 3 2021, 3:41 PM
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Thanks @nshahquinn-wmf, I never got to this so appreciate you taking it on.