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Confirm or consider starting some amount of regular QA on upload process
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Make sure the stuff we build on top of in the multimedia sphrere generally doesn't break in prod but is uncovered in beta, or if we miss it that we find out reasonably quickly.


  • Uploading files with the default upload form on Commons (UploadWizard).
  • Viewing file description pages on Commons post-upload.
  • Editing Wikipedia with VisualEditor and finding/inserting a recently uploaded file from Commons (not your own upload per se your own, but recent so that we catch current issues with upload pipeline)
  • Viewing local file description pages on Wikipedia for a recently uploaded photo you see an in article. (not per se something you inserted yourself, but a recent upload so that we catch current issues with cross-wiki metadata pipeline).


Is this currently checked already?

If not, should we?