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Math extension cannot connect to Restbase on
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See the errors displayed on :

Erreur math (MathML: Réponse invalide(« Math extension cannot connect to Restbase. ») du serveur « /mathoid/local/v1/ » :): {\displaystyle t} for <math>t</math> etc.

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Do you know by any chance if this worked before?

For the records, the markup above is correctly rendered on other wikis, e.g.

I don't know if it worked before on, only that it worked on Incubator, where the page was imported from (it wasn't edited so far on avkwiki either):

Is a particular module missing, or do we need to activate certain gadgets?

Editing the page and reloading after, the issue has disappeared. Now the page works well. How I can do to know which other pages are using such Latex formulas?

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Seems to be resolved.