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Extension:MobileFrontend/MobileMenu seems to be out of date
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Description has many broken links and seems to be generally out of date

\MobileFrontend\MenuBuilder used in the example doesn't seem to exist anymore..

And the hook isn't in MobileFrontened anymore, it's in MinervaNeue, passing a Group (MediaWiki\Minerva\Menu\Group)

Hooks::run( 'MobileMenu', [ 'pageactions.overflow', &$group ] );

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It looks like there is lots of old/outdated documentation as most of the stuff was migrated to MinervaNeue and MobileFrontend is currently not involved in building Menu for minerva. -> is missing as we do not have interface for that MobileMenu, it's part of Minerva, not core.

Definitely that documentation needs improvement.

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Updated the docs today.