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Work through Diarium backlog
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Due to exigent circumstances there is a backlog going back to March 2020 in listing the registered communications. While the relevant communications have been registered they have not yet been publicly recorded or organised on Drive.

Handled (by month)

  • 2020-03
  • 2020-04
  • 2020-05
  • 2020-06
  • 2020-07
  • 2020-08

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@Jenny_Brandt_WMSE @Maria_Burehall_WMSE Added this to both workboards because I'm unsure of which of you will deal with it. Feel free to remove it.

Also don't interpret the creation of the task as saying this is suddenly stressed. It's just a way of keeping track of how the work on it is progressing and to have in the This Week column if it is in fact taking some of the available time for the week.

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The diarium is now under control. There are a few documents left to handle, but the major backlog is gone.

In this document,, I have written down suggestions for future work with diarium.

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