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Gather checkuser feedback about sockpuppet detection model
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The sockpuppet detection model being built by the WMF Research team is close to ready for being evaluated and validated by checkusers. There are a few reasons we want to do this:

  • We want to evaluate the performance of the model and verify if the model is using the correct vectors to make judgements
  • We want to verify if the model's input and output formats are as expected by checkusers
  • We want to get checkuser buy-in on the model seeing as they will be the first users to get their hands on the model

Ultimately, we want to get to a place where the model is ready to be used to build a tool that can be handed to checkusers and eventually more people on the wiki.

  • Draft initial communication to checkusers mailing list seeking a smaller group of checkusers who are interested in helping validate the model
  • ...
  • @Johan: Community Relations specialist working with AHT and the checkusers
  • @Isaac: Researcher working on the sockpuppet model
  • @Niharika: PM for AHT team which will productize this model eventually

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