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Emailability/Newcomer homepage: Provide greater affordance to adding and confirming email on the newcomer start module
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With the reduced prominence of the Start module in var C & D version of the newcomer homepage, there is decreased prominence of the call to action for users to both add and confirm their email addresses.

Email not set

The confirmed mock above pre-supposes that T237312 to anonymize confirmed email addresses has been done.

Proposed solution
Provide greater visual emphasis to add and confirm emails
Email not set
Accent90@50% background colour with Accent50 border
Yellow90 background colour with Yellow50 border

Unconfirmed uses the warning style that is currently on the Special:Preferences confirm email message

Provide more information via the "i" tooltip that allows users to understand why they should add and confirm the email
  • Text shown on hover over the info icon when email is not set:

Email address is optional, but is needed for password resets, should you forget your password. You can also choose to let others contact you by email through a link on your user or talk page. Your email address is not revealed when other users contact you.
(This is the same text as shown under the "Set an email address" button in Special:Preferences)

  • Text shown on hover over the info icon when email is unconfirmed:

Your email address is not yet confirmed. No email will be sent until you select a confirmation link in an email sent to this address.

Note: the above messages are copied exactly from messages used in Special:Preferences, in case we want to re-use those messages for translation purposes.