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[OOUI] Is there a DateInputWidget in OOUI to be consumed by on-wiki gadgets?
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I've looked around including T91148: Consolidate MediaWiki core's date and time input widgets; consider moving (one of?) them upstream and didn't see a DateInputWidget to be used outside of MW core (in an on-wiki gadget for example).

Looking at:!/api/OO.ui, I do not see a DateInputWidget available and also TextInputWidget types doesn't support the 'date' type.

In addition, when I check the live preview of code on the MediaWiki DateInputWidget, I get the error that says:

Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new mw.widgets.DateInputWidget()')

Is there a way to make TextInputWidget work with a 'date' type or have DateInputWidget work on OOUI form in on-wiki gadgets?

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There isn't one in OOUI, there's only mw.widgets.DateInputWidget.

However, you can use mw.widgets.DateInputWidget in an on-wiki gadget. You need to add a dependency on the module 'mediawiki.widgets.DateInputWidget' to your code (in the same place where you presumably have a dependency on 'oojs-ui' – in the dependencies option in the gadget definition, or in some mw.loader.using call if it's a script and not a gadget).

@matmarex: I get this error TypeError: undefined is not a constructor (evaluating 'new mw.widgets.DateInputWidget()') when I try this:

Are my missing something?

Took me a while to spot… mw.loader.using takes an array, not multiple arguments. Should be like this:

mw.loader.using( [
] ).done( function () { ...

Oh my! Wow, thanks a lot @matmarex. This is awesome! I just made that change and it works now!

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