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The property value edit field in Wikidata is too little intelligent - ignores description and properties of the target item
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Even when an user knows exactly the label of the target item and its description, the item is often unavailable through the property value edit field, among other things due to T260937 bug.

If the user tries to add any disambiguation, e. g. from the description of the target item, or from some crucial property of it, the edit field is not able to accept and process it. The algorithm does not even take into account any correlations between the current topic and the target topic (e.g. to prefer targets from the same country or the same administrative unit).

Example: I edit an item of any building in the Bezručova street (Q45320832) in the town of Černovice (Q339102). Even when I put "Bezručova" to the value field of the "street" property, the drop-down menu offers defaultly 7 (at most 56) target items and the correct one is not among them, i.e. is unavailable through the label. The offer cannot be affected even by entering the city name, if it is not part of the target label. The alghoritm also absolutely ignores correlation between crucial properties of the current item and the target items (e.g. P17 and P131 in our case).

However, when I enter "Bezručova Černovice" or "Bezručova (Černovice)" to the main search field of the Wikidata page, the alghoritm is able to find unmistakably and without problem just the only right target item. Can't this edit interface be at least as intelligent as the main search algorithm is?