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[OSM] Investigate on imposm3 deployment
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Background information

Follow-up from the investigation task T238554, in order to migrate to imposm3 we need to investigate how this is going to happen. The problem is that imposm3 is not present in the debian stable channel and during the investigation it was the binary is built from source.


This is task is to figure out how to install imposm3 in the production environment.



Open questions

  • Are we going to backport an imposm3 binary into the Wikimedia stable channel?
  • Is it worth to treat it as a separate service and deploy it on k8s since it's available as a golang package?

Acceptance criteria

  • imposm3 installation procedure into a production environment is accepted by SRE

Event Timeline

MSantos triaged this task as Medium priority.Aug 26 2020, 3:40 PM
sdkim claimed this task.

Based on the suggestions given the parent task of this, we will backport the binaries into the debian package to have this deployed