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operations-puppet repo doesn't seem sync'ed with github's
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Looks like our puppet repo mirror on github isn't being updated:

The last commit shown on github is fe84b6cb2d68bab40296a88042a023b38dd54679 which is from 13h ago.

Phabricator diffusion does shows the last commits correctly on

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hashar raised the priority of this task from Medium to Unbreak Now!.Aug 24 2020, 12:00 PM

All replications to Github seems to be broken since at least 2020-08-24 04:52:16 UTC

hashar claimed this task.
hashar added a subscriber: Krinkle.

From the Github audit logs:

Krinkle – org.enable_oauth_app_restrictions
Enabled third-party application access restrictions for the Wikimedia Foundation organization

That is due to @Krinkle for I guess {T234991}

I have removed the restriction at and that solved the issue.