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Final Report: Media Data Verification Tool - GSoC 2020
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A tool, Media Data Verification Tool (MDVT) was created under this program, which allows users to verify image data, mainly depict statement and qualifiers, on Wikimedia Commons.

Code Changes
During the development process, we decided to work on GitHub before the tool becomes stable and get transferred to Gerrit.
Link to the repository on GitHub:
Below is a list of key commits:

6d4b89dFirst commit
5ad717aLast commit before project proposal submission
4c8be75Save user answers on the server
f773d3dAdded test questions
55b6d86Added user contribution profile page
1fc083eAdded prominence question
c351d06Added depict qualifiers question
50cded4Added public api to query user and contribution data
18ab7f0Added unit test
1afaa36, f4741f9Publish edits to commons

Next Steps
Despite the end of the program, we (me and my mentors) will continue working on completing the tool, which includes but isn't limited to adding the following features:

  • Linkage with ISA
  • Ability to publish qualifier edits to Commons