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Rename gerrit account `dannys712-main` to `dannys712`
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Not sure the history behind why it is named dannys712-main, but please rename my gerrit account

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The Gerrit accounts metadata are stored in the repository All-Users.git and one can check them by fetching (authenticated over ssh) and checking out the special reference refs/users/self. So something like:

git clone ssh://All-Users.git
cd All-Users
git fetch refs/users/self

Which gives:

	fullName = DannyS712
	preferredEmail = xxxx@xxxx.tld

The associations with the LDAP accounts are stored under refs/meta/external-ids (which might require Administrative rights in order to be fetched). Anyw``ay there are two external accounts associated to that Gerrit account:

[externalId "gerrit:dannys712"]
	accountId = 6729
	email =
[externalId "username:dannys712-main"]
	accountId = 6729

None of the external links have been changed since February 2019 and they correspond to respectively:

Apparently due to a rename done via T215092. When renaming an account on Wikitech, we keep the old one around (DannyS712-abandoned and have it blocked). Maybe we need to then drop that external link?