site efects of a construct as :eo:Kategorio:Esperanto-biblioteko|Esperanto-bibliotekoj
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Dear friends,


(nun) (ant) 05:39, 1. Okt 2004 Gangleri (Kiel registrite je 04:38, 1. Okt 2004
sed komentario en: -> eo:)

a) I was not supposed to miss at
As it is now it looks like a "stealt" reference (?) and cause problems for
maintenance / moves.

b) Wenn clicking at "Esperanto-bibliotekoj" I did not suppose to edit ( it jumps
biblioteko&action=edit ).

Intention of this usage was:
i) to have a link to "Kategorio:Esperanto-biblioteko"
ii) without generating neither a category link at th bottom of the page nor an
entry in this category itself.

Is this known, a worng usage or are there some plans to change it.

Regards Reinhardt

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La ĝusta maniero alligi kategorio-paĝon estas simple meti ':' antaŭ la nomon, jene: [[:Kategorio:Esperanto-biblioteko|Esperanto-bibliotekoj]] Tio
'malspecialigas' la ligilon; oni povas same fari por ekz [[:dosiero:xyz.jpg]]. (Mi riparis la paĝon.)

The normal way of doing this is to just put a colon ':' in front of the name, like this: [[:Kategorio:Esperanto-biblioteko|Esperanto-bibliotekoj]]. This
removes the special behavior of the link; the same can be done for example with image links. I've fixed the link in the page referenced in the

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