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Add a link: Set up link recommendation testing environment with Cloud VPS and existing notebook code
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While we're figuring out how the link recommendation system will be deployed in production (T258978), @MGerlach suggested that the existing model and a simple API could be hosted on cloud-vps. It would be set up to work with a single language (English? Czech?) and we'd be able to query it from our local development environments as well as from beta labs.

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kostajh changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Aug 27 2020, 12:22 PM

@MGerlach I think let's try to make some progress on figuring out what exactly we will do for T258978: Service operations setup for Add a Link project, but if it looks like we won't have the production-hosting-ready version done by the beginning of Q2, then maybe we could do this task so we have some endpoint to develop against.

Let's focus on the production environment instead.

We might want to do this for deployment-prep (beta cluster) at least.
The way ORES does it is they have a testing model that just makes fairly arbitrary predictions derived from the revision ID.