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Invalid action page should probably not have HTTP status 200
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Author: standsthechurchclock+bugzilla

Calling index.php with an invalid action, such as this:

should probably return an HTTP status code which indicates an error, such as 400, rather than success:

HTTP/1.0 200 OK

Version: 1.21.x
Severity: normal



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Yes indeed. Any suggestion for a HTTP status code ?

400 Bad Request seems appropriate. Probably won't be done in time for tarball, though.

Any traction here?

See also this ticket and how pages like:


are being reported as true pageviews to wikipedia. Pages like this one are used by bots continuously as some kind of (just guessing) of keepalive.

Well, action=history is a valid action, just for it's not an actual page. In that case I think a 404 would be most appropriate, since the requested action can't be taken on the requested page as the page does not exist.

I think 404 is the correct answer for that other issue.

Here, I think 400 is probably the best answer; but 404 can also be suitable (the action page is "nonexistent" so 404).

Agree that 200 (and, consequently, recording the request as a pageview, which causes notable distortions to our readership stats) is not appropriate in this case. 400 sounds like a plausible choice.