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Renew HTTPS certificate
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When I load, I got a warning from Firefox saying that the website is unsafe. This is due to the fact that the certifcate expired (expiration date is 2020-08-27). Could someone renew it as soon as possible?

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Someone renewed it to the end of November 2020. Thanks to him/her. I think you could let this ticket open until an automated tool has been implemented in order to renew the certificate automatically.

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There is now an automatic renewal with Let’s Encrypt+certbot, and the two renewal since were correctly done one month before the expiration.

I just let this task open to remember to setup it again on the near-future server.

For reference: there is indeed an automated renewal of the SSL certificate, which is called by the crontab every Monday.

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Damn. I marked it as solved. Sorry. cc: @Seb35

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Marked as 'stalled', so that it is not really 'open' :)

Certbot/Let’s Encrypt is activated on the new Phenix server (certificates are valid for 3 months, and are usually renewed every 2 months).

More details: there are currently 3 independent certificates:,, On the webserver, the 2 latter are configured to redirect to the former.