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"Bad image list" should output a gallery
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The "Bad image list" (e.g., [[MediaWiki:Bad image list]]) should output a gallery.

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The list is designed to stop images being miss used and appearing in places, Is there actually a need for it to show a gallery?

soxred93 wrote:


Agree with p858 though. Is there any need to show it in a gallery?

Lists of links aren't as convenient to view. Might be something that can be hacked up in JavaScript, though. If only Splarka were still around. :-(

I don't support this, not only because we don't really want to be making a gallery of images frequently used for vandalism or otherwise inappropriately (this isn't really intended for browsing AIUI) but primarily because one of the reasons that images sometimes end up on the list is that they are fair use images that are being used outside where their rationale allows them to be - a mix of links and gallery is the worst way to navigate imho.

That said, if you want to make a gallery of these images then you can do it far easier by putting the images into a category. On en.wp they already are (I don't know about other projects) and all you need to do it get consensus to remove the "NOGALLERY" tag on [[:en:Category:Wikipedia restricted images]].

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