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LanguageConverter for Malay (from ms-Latn to ms-Arab)
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Currently Malay Wikipedia only uses Roman (ms-Latn) script. We wished to be able to use Jawi (ms-Arab) script (derived from Arabic script). The code ms-Arab is based on ( and it is widely used in Wiktionary especially English Wiktionary.

We want to have a Jawi option just like what Kazakh Wikipedia has currently. There was a Jawi converter tool in WMF Labs that turns Malay Wikipedia into Jawi script. However, it is inactive and you can see it from here (

Thank you in advance.

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I am here to show support for this. We want to be able to use Jawi on Malay Wikipedia as well, just like what some of the Wikipedia languages that had option to change between their different writing scripts.

Actually, previously we had an attempt to convert from Roman Malay script (also known as Rumi script) to Arabic Malay script (also known as Jawi Script) at There was a Malay Wikipedia user called Kurniasan, has facilitated us to create the code for conversion as shown on the page:

And below are the attempts that I made by myself:

But then we need a lot of helps for the technical issues and maintenances. This is because the Java script can only perform one-way conversion from Rumi script to Jawi script, and there are a lot of issues related to homograph and also morphological conversion which are yet to be solved due to limited knowledge on Java script and manpower. Hope that we can get some assistance regarding this matter.