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☂Find support for our planned technical direction for 2021-2022
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The technical direction which was developed as part of the project WMSE-Tools-for-Partnerships-2019-Blueprinting will shape both the perception of what WMSE is about and what we can contribute with to the movement. As such it is crucial that as many voices as possible can influence the choices made and to also get actively involved.

The document was initiated in 2019 and developed into a semi-ready product in early 2020. As many areas are progressing fast the document need to be updated. After that has been done it should be actively communicated to key players in the movement for feedback. Based on the feedback adjustments should be made. Finally, the new improved version should be communicated for feedback across the community to further help to develop and find support for the technical direction.

The technical direction forms the base for what we will focus on and will be supplemented (or followed) by the ideas outlined under T260506: ☂Develop detailed technical plans for future GLAM tools.