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☂Engage online volunteer community in GLAM work through writing contests on Wikipedias
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To engage online volunteer community in GLAM work it is not enough to communicate our work and interest but we need to create ownership and a deeper interest and knowledge. One path that will be explored it by organizing writing contests on Wikipedias.

We will develop a translatable model of the contest and support with prices (from WMF shop + diplomas) and coordination. The basic idea is that the contest takes place every month in a new language version, where it is led by a local volunteer with expertise of the specific language community (something like Wikipedia:Veckans tävling). It is crucial to engage local volunteers who like to do competitions with both translating the basic information, adjust for the local context and host the contest.

The goal is to improve articles about GLAMs relevant to that language version (what that means is up to the local volunteer). It could be about the institution itself, about collections that are important and now available on Wikimedia Commons or something else. We want to see the GLAM content described in different languages and that the information about them are updated.

By supporting the organization of such easy and fun competitions, we highlight our ambition to more actively support the movement around "content partnerships" where GLAMs are central in various ways.