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Reading external geodata
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Sources for geodata

  • Wikimedia Commons .map files
  • OSM shapes for Wikidata items via
  • Research other sources. The number of predefined sources could be low, and the users could add more sources that they find valuable.

Ideas for storing sources found by the users

  • The sources discovered by the users are made available as map data layers with related topics. The scope would be defined by using shape expressions. The ShEx could be directly associated with the source or the source could be associated with a collaborative project, which would have a ShEx defining its scope.
  • The users could also make a source part of their collection(s), "favourite" the source.
  • All of these would be stored in the local Wikibase, but they could be shared in Wikidata if a suitable way exists.

Ideas of how to use in Wikidocumentaries

  • Data could be extracted from an external source and saved into Wikidata, for example as a new Wikidata item or as the geographic representation of an existing topic. The source layer would automatically be added as a source.

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