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Map display option for components
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Most of the components can be viewed as gallery and as a list. Viewing as map comes as the third possible option. This has been implemented (at the time of writing) to Locations.vue ("In this location") Works.vue "Works", Similar and Parts.

Basic features

  • The map displays the items that match the query.
  • They are filtered based on which ones have coordinates
  • Locations, Works and Similar should display points.
  • Further point-based displays can be created for any component in cases where they have coordinates.
  • Location and Parts should display areas.
  • Further options such as display for biographical places for a person should be inventoried
  • Each item has a popup. Each popup displays the same information as the gallery view option.
  • The map is zoomed to the extent of the items (and default to 12, for example). The extent of the containing item could be a fallback value.
  • Popups for both points and shapes link to the respective items.

Ideas for crowdsourcing tasks
The map could display information from Wikidata that is based on the map but is not defined in the Wikidata item, and allow adding it to Wikidata. Examples:
-Items, whose coordinates in Wikidata are in the selected area, but have not declared the current item as a containing item.
-Subdivisions from OpenStreetMap which are not declared as subdivisions in Wikidata.

Match OSM features to Wikidata items and add the Wikidata ID to the OSM feature