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In emails URL-Decode URLs that wouldn't break
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Steps to Reproduce:
Subscribe to a page in non-English Wikipedia that includes non-English letters.
Let someone change a page in a non-English page you're subscribed to.
Check out the email content.

Actual Results:

As a user of the Russian Wikipedia, I often receive notifications about page changes. In English, it would look normal but in Russian, it looks like:

Здравствуйте, Nikolay Komarov!

31 августа 2020 участником Q-bit array была изменена страница проекта «Википедия» с именем «Википедия:Запросы к администраторам», см. текущую версию по ссылке:

для ознакомления с изменением

These URLs are unreadable. Yes, even for a Russian. There are few people who can read URLencoded texts right away. Also, these URLs are 4x longer thus making the email body huge. A necessary link is often on the second screen which makes it all pretty inconvenient.

Expected Results:
Look how a normal URL with non-URLencoded letters look like:Категория:Википедия:Изолированные_статьи/сирота0. Go ahead, click it. Every modern email-client understands and highlights it, every browser follows and opens it without a problem.

So why URLencode everything? I believe it's unnecessary.
Only the whitespaces and slashes and maybe several other chars should be URL-encoded, the rest of the article URL should remain in the plain letters.