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Component features to develop

  • Faceting / This will require redesigning the queries and possibly consolidating results in the app rather than in the sparql
  • Lazy loading / This will require to make new queries each time for different sort orders and facets
  • New display modes (or components): Timeline, combined map+timeline or map+timeline+gallery, social graph, family tree
  • Remove duplicate code by creating gallery, list and map components
  • Clean redundant code

Current components
As we progress with faceting for example, separate components can be put together.

Header part

  • TopicPageHeader.vue

Wiki part


  • Kartta.vue Main map display
  • Location.vue Neighboring and enclosing topics (based on semantic data)
  • Locations.vue Topics contained in the are of this topic (based on semantic data)
  • Parts.vue Subdivisions
  • Partof.vue Currently disabled, as the distinction btw this and location is difficult. Also non-spatial.

Location/map-related, not in use

  • TopicMap.vue
  • BaseMapDialog.vue
  • TransparencyDialog.vue

Timeline-related T261617, not in use

  • TopicTimeline.vue
  • EventList.vue


  • TopicImages.vue Display of images found in external repositories.
  • ImageViewer.vue The viewer for the images including a metadata explorer.

Various themes

  • Affiliations.vue
  • Awards.vue
  • Collection.vue
  • Depicted.vue
  • Depicts.vue
  • Effects.vue
  • Instances.vue
  • Links.vue
  • People.vue
  • Similar.vue
  • Subclasses.vue
  • Things.vue
  • Twins.vue
  • Works.vue