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Aug 31 2020, 9:24 AM
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Add timeline-related information and tasks here

Timeline concept

The timeline can be a separate component, and it can be a display mode in any component. Additionally, the time-bound events could be aggregated from all components to the master timeline component – filtered and faceted at will.

To allow extra complexity, the master timeline component could become part of a master topic display combining a map, gallery, and a timeline and displaying data from all components.

Timeline can also be a display mode for a family tree, and there are sketches made for that in

The illustrated family timeline idea:

image.png (501×961 px, 220 KB)


There is previous development in components EventsList and TopicTimeline. Neither of them are shown currently for different reasons. They can be a good source for next steps.

Some previously recorded thoughts in They have been written over an extensive time period and outdated information can be expected to appear.

It would be beneficial to find a timeline javascript script that could be further developed. Initially, the display does not need to follow the Wikidocumentaries site style, but that is a goal.

Event Timeline

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