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Implement login with global SUL account
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In order to start using Wikimedia Chat instead of other instant messaging platforms already in use for Wikimedia projects ability to log in with Wikimedia unified login is an important argument. This makes Wikimedia Chat preferred suggestion for new Wikimedia volunteers, since they don't need to create any separate accounts from Wikipedia account they already have and they can avoid creating account on closed/commercial platforms like Slack etc. But it is also an argument to move to Wikimedia Chat for existing collaborators, who might otherwise be reluctant of stepping out of their comfort zone fixing something that ain't broken.

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Aklapper renamed this task from Implement login with global Wikipedia account to Implement login with global SUL account.Aug 31 2020, 12:44 PM

So I looked into this, Due to WMCS privacy policy, we can't use the WMF SUL directly, we can't use the wikitech LDAP either. The only option is OAuth (the button of "Login with your Github/Google/Microsoft account" you see in places) and mattermost natively doesn't support all OAuthes but it supports GitLab OAuth and it's so customizable that I assume it should just work with our OAuth, I don't want to try it on our own production setup right now, I will setup a test instance and play with it. If that doesn't work, I will file a bug in upstream. Will see how it goes.

Direct registeration should also remain supported, for users who want to remain anonymous, those does not have an account or can not register one (e.g. because of block or interner censorship).

To have it implemented in upstream, I'd recommend voting in the above link. I can't do it properly without it :/

I voted, however I don't see how this aligns with their organizational focus (private cloud infrastructure) - have you considered taking generic OAuth bits from this fork?

(Right now I get a login form that doesn't say I can't use unified login, and no "create", which is liable to confuse.)