Create an __NOINDEX__ equivalent to prevent indexing by internal search engine
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Author: stigmj

Shouldn't Lucene-search also respect the NOINDEX tag? If not, there should exist another magic word to stop certain pages from being indexed and searchable. Alternatively a "robots.txt" file (maybe a better solution to be able to restrict this exclusion-feature to admins only) in the MediaWiki-namespace should be consulted.

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stigmj wrote:


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NOINDEX is primarily to stop google et al. from finding it. If this was to be implemented, I would say it should have a different magic word (or at the very least a config option).

Changing component to search, because if this was to be implemented, it should prevent indexing on any of mediawiki's internal search backends, not just lucene. (not 100% sure compoenent change is right. please revert if not)

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rainman wrote:

What is a rationale for a change like this? Why should we have content that cannot be found in any way except from direct link?

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stigmj wrote:

Well, one use-case would be in situations like this:
where we have a large collection of pages with potential searchwords and we don't want to create a new ns...

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rd232 wrote:

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I wouldn't want a new magic word. May a config option, if NOINDEX should also apply to internal search would do.

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