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Generate live preview for code editors
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I really like this fancy preview here on Phabricator that is auto-generated using JavaScript.

I wish I had such on Wikipedia. Pressing "See Preview" and reload page is something from the 20th century.

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Hi, you don't mention which editor you are using (see ), but this is already possible if you use the VisualEditor (WYSIWYG), instead of one of the classic wikitext editors on Wikipedia. Hence boldly declining.

See also T170175: Investigate ways to encourage use of the Preview button in the wikitext editors.

I'm aware of the Visual Editor. I did mention "code editors" in the header of this task. Many WP editors and administrators use code to check and fix markup. Code editing is also faster and easier when editing a part of a long and complex article. And AFAIK all the discussions are still code-editor-only. The core of the WP editor spends a lot of time in the discussions, including all the forums of WP so it's very needed.

Ah, thanks for elaborating. I don't see how one could preview code (if that refers to programming code, e.g. when CodeEditor is used).

If you had "wikitext" in mind instead, then some "Live Preview" feature exists somewhere in WikiEditor (in case you use that editor software). See