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Finish PR feedback for On This Day deep link
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Finish issues found in deep link PR. Original PR was merged to get in for Apple beta.

  1. Test to see if deep link could potentially pull in a non-EN Wikipedia content group, if that happens to be the latest. If so, adjust content group fetching to only pull EN, since that's the only deep link we're targeting so far.
  2. Layout issues - Deep link header ignores safe area on the left side
  3. Layout issues - There's a large space when rotating (try updateScrollViewInsets)
  4. Nav bar title shows when the view appears. We don't want a title showing on launch if the header is visible.
  5. When re-creating the stack, On This Day VC is hydrated as a "from the explore feed VC" (with an X button and no nav bar) rather then the version that should be in the stack. (To replicate: Open app, open On This Day via deep link, background the app, then hard quit and re-run the app.)

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LGoto triaged this task as Medium priority.Sep 8 2020, 6:26 PM
LGoto moved this task from Needs Triage to Engineering Backlog on the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog board.

#1: Testing changing the app language, it always pulls the VC in appropriate language.

#2: Complete, will hold for PR for all items in this ticket
#3: Neither Toni nor I can replicate.

#4: Apparently also got fixed by Definitely was happening every time before, no longer is.

QA test instructions:

  • Install app, open app, add a widget to homescreen.
  • Tap widget, ensure app opens to On This Day screen scrolled to proper element.
  • Change language to another one that supports On This Day (like French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and a few others). The widget should show the other language. Tap widget, ensure app opens to On This Day screen scrolled to proper element - in proper language.
  • On a phone w/ a notch (iPhone X style), scroll to top of On This Day screen in app. Rotate phone so notch is on left side, ensure the header's padding respects the notch - the text shouldn't be hidden by the notch.
  • Background the app (go to home screen). Hard quit the app. Reopen the app. Ensure that On This Day screen in the app still has a "back" button and not the "X" (which it has when the On This Day card is tapped on the explore screen).