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Make it possible to tell if Reply Tool is open from browser tab's name
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This task is about the work involved with changing the name of browser tabs in which the Reply Tool is open.

This was reported on by @JAnD and @Sunpriat:


  1. Visit a page where the Reply Tool is available. E.g.
  2. Notice the text that appears in the browser tab reads: Discussion utilisateur:PPelberg...
  3. Click a [ reply ] link


  1. ❗️Notice the text that appears in the browser tab reads as it did in Step 2: Discussion utilisateur:PPelberg...


  1. ✅Notice the text that appears in the browser tab has changed to read: TBD: waiting for volunteer input


  • "Desired" behavior is implemented

Event Timeline

Should we bother? Tabs are short. I currently can't see the end of the title for any of the (only!) five tabs open in the window I'm writing this in. If you put something at the start, it'd mean I couldn't see the actual topic of the page...

You could change the favicon, I guess? That's guaranteed to be seen. (Apart from in Safari pre-macOS11.)

It is definitely necessary, for example, at the end of the title, to add the full word "reply" or "editing". Now browsers, when the user writes text in the address bar, show hints and, in particular, show suitable names of open tabs. This ability of browsers to find a tab is worth using.