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Add zoom and pan to the Wikisource Pagelist Widget
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IMPORTANT: Make sure to read the GSoC participant instructions and communication guidelines thoroughly before commenting on this task. This space is for project-specific questions, so avoid asking questions about getting started, setting up Gerrit, etc. When in doubt, ask your question on Zulip first!


The Wikisource Pagelist Widget is an OOUI based widget that streamlines the process of creating a pagelist for new (and existing) users of Wikisource.

While using the Pagelist widget, the user is presented with the picture of a scanned page and is asked to identify the page number on the scan. However, there is no option to zoom or pan the scanned image inside the Pagelist widget. Adding the option to zoom and/or pan the image will allow users to see the page number for scans that have a tiny font, or have lots of text (for example newspapers scans)

During the course of the project, the following should be accomplished:

  • Review and test various zooming and panning libraries available.
  • Integrate the library with the current code of the pagelist widget.
  • Work on integrating the library with ResourceLoader (the system used by Wikimedia to serve Javascript, CSS and Image assets).
  • If time permits, replace the old jQuery-based zooming and panning library used by the Page: namespace editor.



  • Javascript
  • A basic knowledge of PHP may be required

Micro tasks

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Hi @Soda
My name is Yash Agrawal. I am a computer Science undergrad. I am willing to participate in Gsoc’21. This project seems quite fascinating to me. I have knowledge about the skills which you have mentioned. I had also make some good contributions on the various Open-source Projects Like Library Cards Platform and also I had make few contribution to some extension of mediaWiki.

Screenshot from 2021-02-25 12-14-27.png (731×1 px, 139 KB)

When I click on the Preview pagelist. I am getting an error. Can anyone tell me why I am getting this error? I had also created the MediaWiki:Proofreadpage_pagelist_dropdown_values.json file.

Hi @Soda. I am interested in this project.

@Yash4357 @Kemsguy Thanks for showing interest :) I'd suggest you guys try and setup Mediawiki-Docker as your development environment and install the ProofreadPage extension as per the instructions here.

Hi mentor,
can anyone help in setting up development environment.

@Ankit27Aggarwal You basically need to setup MediaWiki-Docker (pre the instructions given here) and then set up the ProofreadPage extension. Feel free to ping here (or on Zulip) if you've got any doubts/are stuck.

P.S: I'll add some good first task's so that you guys can get familiar with the source code and contributing workflow of Wikimedia in a bit.

Hi @Soda, @Samwilson, @SGill Wikimedia has been officially accepted for GSoC 2021!

As the student's applications period is from March 29 - April 13th, I want to encourage you to go through the further steps to ensure there isn't anything that you are missing:

I've added a few good first task's for ProofreadPage. Once you guys have finished setting up your development environment, you can start with them :)

Also, if you are actively working on any of the tasks, assign the task to yourself, that way, other people know that your working on that particular task and can work on to other ones.

all tasks are already assigned what to do ??

Hi @Soda,
I am Sourabh, a B.Tech sophomore in Computer Science. I'm an aspiring participant of GSOC'21 and this project piqued my interest. I have the knowledge of the skills required.

Hi @Soda,
I am Apoorv Garg, a sophomore in Information technology.I came across this project through Google summer of code and I would like to contribute in the same.I have the knowledge of the skills required.

@Sourabh112112 @Apoorv-Nsut @Sanket9162 @Shailesh_Patro! Thanks for taking an interest in the project :) I'd suggest you guys try and setup the MediaWiki-Docker development environment (as per the instructions given here) and then setup the ProofreadPage extension (per the instructions here) and then start working on the micro-tasks.

Folks, just a heads up, the student application phase of Google Summer of Code will start in ~ 6 hours (23:30 IST today (29th March 2021)).

I'd suggest you folks divide your time between working on micro-tasks (list of tasks) and working on the proposal from now on. Try to put your proposal on phabricator early, since that gives mentors time to review your proposal and suggest corrections/improvements.

The general guidelines on writing a proposal for Wikimedia can be found in step number 11 and 12 of the application process outline on Feel free to ping on Phabricator (or Zulip), if you need any clarification regarding the scope of the project.

P.S: Add the mentors as subscribers to the phabricator task containing your proposal, that way it's easier for the mentors to keep track of proposals.

hy my name is Divya Rathore . I am from mnit jaipur cse 2nd year . i have registered in gsoc and saw this project interesting. As i am very good at javascript and backend. i think this project is good for me. i already have done a lot of work on javascript before. And also managed my college site mostly backend.

@Divrthor345 Thanks for taking an interest in the project :) I'd suggest you try and setup the MediaWiki-Docker development environment (as per the instructions given here) and then setup the ProofreadPage extension (per the instructions here) and then start working on the micro-task/proposal. (It's quite late, so you'd better hurry up)

Folks, just a heads up, the Application submission phase ends at 6:00 pm UTC (11:30 pm IST) today. Make sure to submit your final proposals in time at

GSoC 2021 is long over. Is there anything remaining in this task before it can be resolved? Please consider moving the leftovers to a new task and close this one. Thank you!

Soda claimed this task.

I think all the parts were done! Closing :)