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Vector: SimpleSearch freaks out when escape is pressed
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Something this happens but sometimes it does not and I don't know when.

Steps I used when I met this bug most recently:

(1) I input something in the search box. ("special:Userlogin\")
(2) Press Enter.
(3) Suddenly I realize I typed something wrong (one extra "\") so I press Escape to stop page loading. The content in browser window is not changed now.
(4) The text in search box is stripped to "special:Us"
(5) If I press any more keys, it replaces the last character. I press "l" and it turns into special:Ul
(6) If I press backspace, I cannot delete characters before ":".

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Typo... the first "Something" should be "sometimes", and add a "for example" after the last word of (5).

Is this Iceweasel specific as well?

Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Reassign to default per bug 37789

SimpleSearch issues => Moving to Vector (as per $wgVectorUseSimpleSearch)

The whole mess is actually in core.

I can not reproduce. The Escape key currently closes the dropdown with suggestions and restores the typed text in search box, and I think that's the expected behavior.

Must have been fixed sometime in the past. Closing as WORKSFORME.

I'm still feeling something wrong there...

maddiemadan wrote:

I cannot reproduce this bug. The search box seemed fine to me. There was no stripping of text in the search box or any odd behaviour.
Using Ubuntu 13.04 Chromium 28.0.1500

My talk with MatmaRex (in August):

liangent: can you try thing procedure?
liangent: 1. type wiki at once
liangent: 2. wait for 1 second
liangent: 3. type pedia[enter][esc] at once
MatmaRex: okay, testing
MatmaRex: liangent: hmmm
MatmaRex: liangent: it only does anything weird when i highlight the suggestion for "Wiki" first, and even then it acts differently for me on Opera
MatmaRex: liangent: Enter reverts the text to "Wiki", and Escape reverts it back to what i typed
MatmaRex: gaaah, i hate this
MatmaRex: seriously
MatmaRex: that script is total crap
MatmaRex: every single of the four scripts it uses is, to be precise
MatmaRex: liangent: reopen the bug, but i'm not touching this anytime soon D:

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going to assume this is resolved. We are also phasing this code out with the WVUI replacement.